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Security Supervisor Refreshment Training



Security Supervisor Refresher Training is designed to update and reinforce the knowledge and skills of experienced security supervisors. This course is intended for security supervisors with prior training and experience in the field. It serves as a crucial opportunity to refresh their understanding of core concepts and stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices and regulations. The program ensures that security supervisors remain proficient in their roles and are well-prepared to address evolving security challenges effectively.

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Course Duration:

The duration of Security Supervisor Refresher Training typically ranges from 8 to 16 hours, depending on state requirements and training provider preferences.

Course Outline:

1. Leadership and Management Updates:
– Review of advanced leadership strategies and management principles
– Incorporating transformational leadership and team-building techniques

2. Advanced Communication and Conflict Resolution:
– Updated communication techniques for handling complex security situations
– Advanced conflict resolution strategies for high-stress scenarios and negotiations

3. Access Control and Surveillance Enhancements:
– Review of advanced access control procedures and surveillance techniques
– Updates on managing access to highly secure areas and implementing cutting-edge security systems

4. Crisis Response and Incident Command Refresher:
– Refreshing knowledge on advanced crisis response and incident command strategies
– Coordinating complex security situations with multiple agencies and stakeholders

5. Legal Compliance and Evolving Regulations:
– Updates on changes in security-related laws and regulations
– Advanced risk management in alignment with evolving industry standards

6. Personnel Development and Performance Evaluation Updates:
– Updated strategies for advanced personnel development and performance evaluations
– Enhancing team performance and fostering high-performing security teams

7. Security Planning and Risk Mitigation Revisit:
– Review of advanced risk assessment and security planning techniques
– Revisiting the development of comprehensive security plans for diverse environments

8. Advanced Report Writing and Documentation Practices:
– Advanced report writing and documentation practices, focusing on detail and accuracy
– Ensuring proper record-keeping for complex security operations

9. Advanced Use of Force and Conflict Resolution:
– Updated understanding and application of use of force guidelines
– Fine-tuning conflict resolution techniques for complex and potentially volatile situations

10. Client and Stakeholder Relationship Management:
– Managing client relationships and effective communication with stakeholders
– Addressing client concerns, expectations, and maintaining positive relations

11. Critical Incident Response and Crisis Management Updates:
– Updated techniques for responding to critical incidents and managing crises
– Coordinating with emergency services, law enforcement, and other agencies in evolving situations

12. Professional Ethics and Decision-Making Refresher:
– Ethical standards and decision-making in complex security environments
– Addressing ethical dilemmas and upholding professionalism

Upon successful completion of the Security Supervisor Refresher Training course, participants will receive an updated certification or license in accordance with relevant regulatory authorities. This certification affirms their ongoing competence and dedication to maintaining high standards as security supervisors.

It is important to note that the course content and duration may vary by region and training provider. Security supervisors should ensure they adhere to local regulations and select a training program that aligns with their specific needs and responsibilities.

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