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Trade license for one Business.

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Trade License Registration

A trade license is a crucial certificate that grants permission to engage in a specific trade or business within a defined area or location. It restricts the license holder from conducting any other type of business or work.

To initiate a business in a particular area, state, municipality, or corporation, one must obtain a trade license registration from the relevant state or central government authorities. This registration should be sought within 30 days of starting a business, and the trade license is typically issued within 7-15 days upon application. In most states, applications for the grant or renewal of trade licenses are submitted to the municipal commissioner.

Eligibility for a Trade License
To be eligible for a trade license, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

1. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age.
2. The applicant should have no criminal record.
3. The type of business should be legally permissible.

Documents Required for Trade License Registration
When applying for a trade license, the applicant must submit the following documents to the concerned municipal authorities:

1. Application in the prescribed format
2. PAN Card along with the incorporation certificate (if the applicant is a firm, LLP, or company)
3. Aadhar Card (mandatory for individual applicants)
4. Latest Municipality property tax payment receipt
5. Lease documents or consent letters from the property owner
6. NOC (No Objection Certificate) from an immediate neighbor
7. A certified layout plan of the business premises
8. Katha extracts
9. Katha Certificate
10. Sanction plan
11. Occupancy certificate

Issuing Authority
Trade licenses are issued by various departments of municipal corporations, such as industries, engineering, health, etc. The government of India authorizes these licenses to regulate business activities in cities across the country. The issuance process varies from state to state and depends on the rules and regulations of local government agencies (Municipals).

Different Categories of Trade Licenses
1. Industries License: Issued for small, medium, and large-scale manufacturing factories.
2. Shop License: Required for businesses involving dangerous and offensive trades, such as the sale of firewood, cracker manufacturing, candle manufacturing, barber shops, dhobi shops, etc.
3. Food Establishment License: Mandatory for food-related businesses, including restaurants, hotels, food stalls, canteens, meat and vegetable sellers, bakeries, etc.

Key Aspects Related to Trade License
1. Gumasta License: In the state of Maharashtra, the trade license is commonly referred to as a Gumasta License. It may have different names in other parts of the country.

2. Application: Trade license registration applications must be submitted to the relevant state government, corporation, or municipality. The application process varies depending on the state’s regulations.

3. Verification: In some states, trade licenses are issued only after in-person verification by the relevant authorities.

4. Processing Time: The processing time for a trade license typically ranges from 10 to 15 days, subject to government processing times. Once approved, the certificate can be downloaded online.

5. Validity: Most states issue trade licenses with a validity period of one year. They can be renewed annually by paying the renewal fee.

6. Penalties: Non-compliance with trade license registration requirements and the commencement of any trade activity before obtaining the license can lead to legal consequences and penalties for the defaulter.

Maske Brothers is here to assist you with the trade license registration process. We provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that your business complies with the necessary regulations and obtains the required trade license efficiently.

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